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Sweater Navy blue knit sweater with a navy blue, red, and green argyle pattern knitted on the front. They have been changed twice. Socks White ankle socks.

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The second change, in the mid s, was to the shape of the frames: In the set was redesigned. Gone was the costume and in its place an alarm clock, ear drops, a box of kleenex and a war poster were added. Dickey Rather than having a full shirt under her sweater, Molly is given a dickey--a white collar with blue trim.

The wooden set was retired and replaced by the current chrome set in Spring While authentically Molly would have had ties on the side to hold them up rubber was being reserved for war materialsthe elastic makes for ease in wearing.

The first change in the late s was to the arms - rather than curving down like real glasses, they became straight.

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Glasses Silver glasses with round frames. In the Spring ofthe Miss Victory costume became available by itself as it still is today. A very adorable Halloween hula costume which was introduced prior to was retired in Her first set was a wooden drop-leaf table and matching chairs.

This new set was later retired completely in Underwear White cotton bloomer style underwear. In the globe was replaced with a plastic dome style globe with a red plastic base.

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Molly is the only American Girl doll to have had her table and chair set replaced with a new design. They come in a red soft slipcase with a white, elastic that can fit around her wrist.

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Light Brown, straight, bangs, comes styled in two pigtail braids. Also, the nurse doll included in the Christmas Box set was redesigned in The book featured Donald Duck inMickey Mouse in and from to present it featured a scene from the movie "Fantasia" which was originally released in Originally the ballerina doll that came with the Stocking was an articulated wooden doll which was replaced with the current white plastic one.

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Her bed was retired in favor of a slightly redesigned version as was her Nighttime Necessities set. In Springthe wooden chairs were made available separately. Rather than stockings, many young girls began to wear low socks to preserve nylon. Shoes Black plastic Mary Jane slip-on shoes.

Molly McIntire (doll)

Skirt Navy blue wool skirt. Gray The Molly doll with Meet Molly.Discover free games for American Girl's BeForever characters, and learn what it was like growing up in the past. Play games, take quizzes, send e-cards, read. American Girl Molly's Meet Outfit for Dolls Sophia's Doll Eyeglasses Set for 18 Inch American Girl Dolls - by, 1 Pair Gold Doll Eyeglasses & 1 Pair Silver Doll Eyeglasses - Set of Gold & Silver Doll Glasses out of 5 stars $ Next.5/5(2).

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Shop with confidence. Anyways I have some ideas on what Molly's Beforever meet outfit might look like. I first of all don't think it'll have that same red, white, and blue thing. Since Nanea's collection is made up of red, yellows, oranges, and pinks; I think Molly's will be made up of blues, purples, greens, and whites.

'90s girls, brace yourselves for a tale of tragedy: Molly McIntire, the WWII-era American Girl doll, has recently been "archived." Yes: doll murder. Sadly, Molly is just another casualty, as she.

American girl doll molly meet outfit
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