An introduction to the congressional hispanic caucus institute

The conference was a weeklong extravaganza that included workshops on low-income housing, international trade, border economy development, immigration, education and healthcare. Look what was happening in Brazil. And if they do, that is our ticket to a very, very bright future.

All of these people and so many others are a part of what America is in its Government. On Friday, I will have the honor of acknowledging the work of another great American when I present the family of Willie Velasquez with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the land.

When I showed up here, for 6 years Washington rhetoric had paralyzed the crime bill while everybody made speeches about it. And finally, let me say just a word about the Medicaid program. And we should not do it.

That is the purpose of welfare reform. Intern for Representative Henry Cuellar Interning for a Member of the United States Congress has been one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life. And let me say this as an aside: Can we afford to reduce taxes and balance the budget?

It did punish serious criminals more, but it also gave our young people something to say yes to. Performing these tasks helped me develop professionally and personally but the parts of the internship that were the most memorable, were the ones that took place with my Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute family.

It is not necessary. And in this period of change, as we move out of an industrial to an information society, out of the cold war into the global economy, that is what we need more than ever before, the values of your family and your community and your work.

We never had a permanent deficit, never, until the 12 years before I come to Washington.

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Look what was happening in Argentina. That money comes from slowing the reimbursement rates to medical providers. There were professionals from diverse fields that came together to create solutions that inter connected fields and effectively addressed issues.

Thank you, and God bless you all. Of course, it is. But with the help of the Hispanic Caucus we passed an economic policy, and after 3 years, they were wrong and we were right. Most of them have very limited incomes.

I was in Jacksonville, Florida, last week, and I saw that for the first time, people really believed that crime could go down in their neighborhoods, as they saw these police officers that we have put on the street.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

And I want to just say a word in that context about bilingual education. Their proposal to double the premiums, double the deductibles, stop giving Medicare to anybody under 67 years old, to raise 3 times as much as it takes to bail out the Trust Fund has nothing to do with saving Medicare; it has everything to do with funding their budget priorities.The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) is a nonprofit and nonpartisan (c)(3) organization, providing leadership development programs and educational services to students and young emerging Latino leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions. Get the answers here. Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. Learn more about CHCI. Web Browser. This website works best using Microsoft Internet Explorer. Ina small group of Hispanic members of Congress established the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) to develop the next generation of Latin.

Thank you all. Please be seated. It is wonderful to be here, wonderful to be back. I thank Congressman and Mrs.

Pastor for coming out here with me, and I thank Ed for that fine introduction. To your mistress of ceremonies, Giselle Fernandez; members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus; the.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute was founded in by three Hispanic members of Congress committed to creating a non-profit, nonpartisan leadership institute to ensure a diverse and inclusive work force that included talented Latino Americans.

Today, twenty-five Hispanic members of Congress along with distinguished national. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) was founded in December as a legislative service organization of the United States House of Representatives.

Today, the CHC is organized as a Congressional Member organization, governed by the Rules of the U.S. House of Representatives.

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An introduction to the congressional hispanic caucus institute
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