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She is creative and she is really driven. Throughout the entire journey of the Body Shop as a corporation, Anita had participated into campaigns such as protecting habitats of the Ogoni people in Nigeria to fighting for human rights and against the World Trade Organization WTO.

Thus, the first Body Shop franchisee opened up in Brussels in In an interview, Mr. By default the WTO is a world government, but it is a blind government. Adrian Bellamy, the former CEO of the North American operations of the company, took over as executive chairman and assured that he would try to improve the relationships of the company with its franchisees around the world.

What you need is optimism, humanism, enthusiasm, intuition, curiosity, love, humour, magic and fun and that secret ingredient euphoria. Although very few companies have published their environmental audits such as Norwegian firm Norsk Hydro, Noranda of Canada and British Airways, it is certain that they gained from this.

Sincethe company works together with environmental organisations and Friends of Earth campaigning on major environmental issues such as Acid Rain, Tropical Rain Forests, and The Ozone Layer etc. When you establish a business first thing is; you set up the marketing department but The Body Shop has a different view.

Stores are usually arranged as a boutique layout with products arranged according to their function. The Body Shop proved so successful that soon Roddick wanted to open a second store. It was set up using her share of the money from the sale of the Body Shop and she seems to suggest that it was one of the main reasons for the sale.

This could be done through promotional campaigns aimed at elderly people, informing them of the availability of organic food in their respective supermarkets or by associating the organisation to environmentally friendly associations such as Greenpeace and beneficiate of indirect advertising.

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The company has won many awards; Company of the YearAnita Roddick: While the Body Shop claimed its products to contain natural ingredients only, it was found out that many of its products contained chemicals where the source was not mentioned. It requires a new approach to business and Anita Roddick has proved that we can bring our expectations into reality by reshaping the way we do business.

In after four years of the campaign, Shell issued an operating charter which declared the commitment of the company towards human rights and sustainable development. This could give them an advantage over rival companies that may not sell organic food. This particular program was started sometime in The Body Shop International, established inInc.

Beside this there were reports of contaminated products supplies to the consumers. The company is also transferring responsibility for inventory management to its regional teams and is this year implementing a much smaller number of new product launches while developing its heritage ranges.

Again critics like Jon Entine had highly criticized the trade not aid program taken up by the Body Shop. Another important factor to consider is packaging as it can be used for promotional purposes.

Anita Roddick - Essay

Whereas companies that marketed cosmetic products made from natural ingredients mentioned the original sources on the package, the body shop did not do so. Another way of promoting the organisation could be to introduce fair trade products in our supermarkets aisles.

The mission statement itself signified that the company wanted to do something other than just selling cosmetic items. Anita Roddick has always felt "business should do more than make money, create decent jobs, or sell good products.

Probably the campaigns made them this successful in the business. The program was launched in the UK in after a successful five-year run in the US, and had amassed half a million members by mid This created a problem with the franchisees that were not willing to 7 sell off their business.

Some of the issues yet to be addressed were that of inventory accumulation and excessive new product launches. The RSPCA award was given to corporations employing best practices in terms of treatment to animals in the cosmetics, fashion and food industries.

The chief activities of the Body Shop which identified it as a company standing out as an example of ethical business are given as follows. Overall, we have made significant progress with implementing the structural changes that were needed to refocus the company on its retailing activities.

Anita Roddick - Essay

These frame works range from long-range planning, through evolutionary frameworks, portfolio frameworks, competitive strategy and the core competency framework. The increased competition is also an issue. Further, The Body Shop was voted the 2nd most trusted brand in the UK in and was voted 27th most respected company by the Financial Times.

This activism is still very evident to this day and the blend of product, passion and partnership of those in the Body Shop will continue well into the future.

What type of ethical and environmental behaviour does The Body Shop engage in? The reputation of the Body Shop for charitable giving had been an issue among the critics.

Later on, BST finally knew that it was a different culture which they did not understand.In order to complete this assignment, refer to the Case Study titled “Two Entrepreneurial Titans – Mary Kay Ash and Anita Roddick” found in Chapter 11 of your Reeves textbook.

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How do you evaluate Anita Roddick’s management philosophy and style? How important a contribution did she. Anita Roddick Founder of The Body Shop Founded: "If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito."-Anita Roddick. Below is an essay on "Anita Roddick Bio" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Significant Ethical Issues Anita Roddick had many advantages that helped form her revolutionary body shop. Assignment 3: Two Entrepreneurial Titans – Mary Kay Ash and Anita Roddick Due Week 8 and worth points. In order to complete this assignment, refer to the Case Study titled “Two Entrepreneurial Titans – Mary Kay Ash and Anita Roddick” found in Chapter 10 of your Reeves textbook.

Anita roddick essay
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