Band of brothers

And by lack of objectivity, I mean abject hero-worship.

Thanks to the miniseries and the accompanying documentary, you can actually listen to these men talk about their experiences. Or am I being obtuse?

Rather than ruining lives and shattering psyches, Ambrose presents a portrait of war as a great adventure, and men who only became fully actualized by combat. We had people take off their helmets to identify them, when they would never have done so in combat. In Easy Company of the th Regiment of the st Airborne, he has an incredible subject: Other soldiers recover after treatment in field hospitals and rejoin their units on the front line.

To see and hear them is an experience far more touching Band of brothers real than the pastiche of direct quotations and patriotic slogans that Ambrose stitched together for his book. He is the main character in the eighth episode "The Last Patrol". The relationship had become strained. Historical accuracy[ edit ] To preserve historical accuracy, the writers conducted additional research.

They deserve their accolades. Easy Company was an exception. It is the greatest time-suck in my life. This is the anti-All Quiet on the Western Front. Simon Atherton, the weapons master, corresponded with veterans to match weapons to scenes, and assistant costume designer Joe Hobbs used photos and veteran accounts.

And this limited viewpoint is why Ambrose is criticized so often — by other veterans — for utterly screwing up the facts. But I still think it is three or four times more accurate than most films like this.

Randleman was the subject of the fourth episode, "Replacements", which featured his escape from a German-occupied village in the Netherlands. His prose is blunt, ugly, and disjointed. First, there is absolutely no tension or drama in the story. Production[ edit ] The series was developed chiefly by Tom Hanks and Erik Jendresenwho spent months detailing the plot outline and individual episodes.

And Ambrose has always claimed to be a historian. The ninth episode "Why We Fight" largely centers on him, dealing with his problems with alcoholism, in particular. War as it was seen by the men who fought it. Bywhen Easy Company finally got in the war, the Wehrmacht had been fighting for five years.

Originally, it was to have aired on BBC One but was moved to allow an "uninterrupted ten-week run", with the BBC denying that this was because the series was not sufficiently mainstream. There is not a smidgeon of grace or elegance to be found. Webster, unlike Ambrose, writes in vivid prose that is alive with acute perception.

By the way, I hate the Nazis and everything they stood for. Many either die or sustain serious wounds which lead to their being sent home. Instead of taking oral histories and spinning them into a narrative, Ambrose elects to directly quote the men he has interviewed.

This is a sweeping, simplistic, reductive, and jingoistic statement that is better placed on a s war bonds poster. Ambrose attempts to replicate, on a smaller scale, the feats of Lord and Ryan.

Various sets, including replicas of European towns, were built. The living memory of World War II is fading fast, and it is due to the efforts of historians, biographers, and researchers like Stephen Ambrose that we will have so many incredible stories, even after that generation has passed into memory.

He leads the cast for most of the episodes and is the main subject of the second episode "Day of Days", the fifth episode "Crossroads", and the final episode, "Points".Band of Brothers tells the story of Easy Company of the first airborne, of men in their own words, idiots who jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

The HBO mini series based on the book led me to this wonderful piece of treasure/5. Band of Brothers is a WWII miniseries based off of the book of the same name by Stephen Ambrose, that follows the men of Easy Company, 2nd Battalion.

Band of Brothers is a American war drama miniseries based on historian Stephen E. Ambrose's non-fiction book Band of Brothers. The executive produc. Band of Brothers is an award-winning part HBO series.

It follows Easy Company, the th Regiment of the st Airborne Division, through its mission in /5(K).

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers Classic Rock. likes · 28 talking about this. If you love solid, timeles, classic rock, then you don't want to miss the opportunity. From the producers of Band of Brothers comes this epic part miniseries that tells the true stories of three Marines battling in the Pacific theater during WWII.

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Band of brothers
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