Corporate business plan a and c canada

Collaborate with external stakeholders and partners to exchange information on policy advice, program design and service delivery. Develop Client Relationship Management CRM system Corporations Canada will launch a client relation management CRM system to gain insight into the behaviour of clients in order to strategically serve those clients.

Extraction of business intelligence will allow Corporations Canada to better identify client needs and improve products and services accordingly. We will be embarking on a pilot stage using live data with 4 jurisdictions and Corporations Canada.

This has to change in order to ensure a tax system that is fair to all Canadians. Utilize information and data available to us to develop evidence-based ideas, analysis, advice, processes and policies. The vast majority of Canadians pay their fair share of taxes and do so on time, but a small minority hide their income and assets in order to get out of paying what they owe.

IT Modernization Renewal Continue advancing our IT modernization initiative by identifying and exploring the implementation of new and innovative technologies for client services and increasing our capacity to offer online services to clients, such ascopies, Not-For-Profit NFP amendments and exemptions.

The organization is continually identifying opportunities to improve consistency, reduce the complexity of its policies and strengthen protection of Canadians, while ensuring that regulations align with leading corporate regulation practices. This confidence contributes to economic growth that benefits all Canadians.

We will then look to adding additional jurisdictions in the second iteration of the pilot in Evidence will be the foundation of organizational decision making about legal amendments, regulatory and policy development, program and process improvement. Next page A message from the Minister "Canada is taking an active role in ensuring a fairer tax system, where tax cheats face consequences for their actions.

Client Outreach Reaching out to existing and potential clients to increase awareness, knowledge and use of CC products and services. Given the importance of these benefits, especially for families with children, we will continue to help Canadians understand what benefits they may be eligible to receive, and help them receive the benefits they are eligible for.

The objective is a registry access service that will allow robust business searches across the registries and will streamline extra-provincial corporate registration and reporting.

Building a new complex phonetics search tool; Procuring the services of a new provider for hosting the website, selling the reports and managing the call center; Building a new web interface and rewriting all the web pages; Introducing new sign-in methods for clients. The Nuans reports compare a proposed new corporate name with a listing of similar corporate names and trademarks that are already in use.

This Summary of the Corporate Business Plan describes how we intend to continue to make these commitments a reality.

Summary of the Corporate Business Plan 2017-2018 to 2019-2020

Building on the proof of concept, eight jurisdictions provided sample data sets from their registries and worked with those data sets to develop a prototype. The CRA will therefore continue to support Canadians who want to file their tax and benefit returns without using paper forms. CRM will permit Corporations Canada to record and manage client interactions and provide business intelligence.

The development of the modernized Nuans consisted of: Planned initiatives include a dedicated telephone support line for tax service providers, giving them greater access to CRA information to the benefit of the millions of clients they serve.

More Canadians than ever before are filing their returns electronically and, as the CRA continues to expand and enhance its digital services, I am confident the number of Canadians filing electronically will continue to grow.

This facilitates the decision of the corporate registrars to grant or reject the new name. The pilot is expected be completed by March Online services Corporations Canada have improved its Online serves as clients now have the ability to file a letter of satisfaction online as well as to look-up addresses using postal codes for online transactions.

As well, in an effort to modernize our Call Centre, Corporations Canada will also explore the possibility of adding a Chat service for our clients. Gathering, accessing and maintaining data Optimizing data Turning data into evidence Partnerships Collaborating with external stakeholders and partners to exchange information on policy advice, program design and service delivery.

Corporations Canada 2017–2018 business plan

Offer new and innovative technologies for client services. Nuans is a search tool that produces corporate name reports.

Summary of the Corporate Business Plan

The prototype demonstrated successful data-sharing between registries and identified the high-level business and technical requirements required to fully develop MRAS. Establish and nurture partnerships based on a clear, shared understanding of partnership objectives and benefits and the role that CC will play.

The next phase is to develop a pilot.An Audit of Corporate Business Planning was included in the to Risk-based Audit Plan approved by the Deputy Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) in February The audit was identified as a departmental priority as strategic and business planning at AANDC is critical to ensuring alignment of resources.

The business plan provides an overview of Corporations Canada (CC) and the services that it provides and outlines the organization's priorities for As the Minister of National Revenue, I am very proud to present the Summary of the Corporate Business Plan to for the Canada Revenue Agency.

Original signed The Honourable Diane Lebouthillier, P.C., M.P. The Summary of the Corporate Business Plan provides an overview of the Canada Revenue Agency's objectives, strategies, performance expectations and financial projections. The corporate plan summary of the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) is based on the to –23 BDC corporate plan as approved by the Governor General.

The Summary of the Corporate Business Plan provides our roadmap for the next three years including our planned commitments and how we will meet these commitments to .

Corporate business plan a and c canada
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