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The 60 Hertz of your home wiring is ELF radiation, and is generally a continuous, smooth wave. Notice how spiky and variable it is. Thus, your heart, your gut, your brain, your muscles, and your hormones can be affected. However, the meters are chattering with talking to one another constantly, comprising what is known as a mesh network.

Dirty electricity is pulsed electromagnetic radiation, and causes numerous health problems. The blue represents peak smart meter frequencies within a half-hour period. Three months later, at his next check-up, they were even better. The Zigbee wireless network they contain allows the utility to shut off new smart-chipped appliances whenever they want.

Learn more on our Privacy page. We have received report after report of blood sugar levels increasing and of high blood pressure occurring immediately after smart meter installation. For numerous stories on health effects, see our Smart Meter Health blogspot. He talked with her and began to conduct his own studies.

Now he shuts off all his electricity except when he needs it.

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One hundred ninety thousand times is the maximum number of times a single meter sends messages to all the other meters in its area. The background RF radiation has increased 20, times since the s! They did not take into account the biological effects on cells and on organs like the heart, the brain, and the gastro-intestinal system.

That makes them much more energy-saving than a smart meter. One man with an opt-out meter has wound up twice in the ER with mental confusion. This is a graph of just a half hour of smart meter transmissions. He had believed there were no effects, because that is what the textbooks—based on no research whatsoever, just an inference—had taught him.

Notice how Caroline figures it must be anything but the smart meter causing the problems—bad dreams, the flu. The family removed the meter from their home after two months and their symptoms subsided immediately. Smart Meter Radiation The electromagnetic spectrum is divided up into a number of categories.

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The utility statements are like time-averaging the blows from a jackhammer. JustProveIt catalogs every study, regardless of findings. One of the main reasons the utilities are deploying smart meters is because these meters will allow them to charge time-of-use rates peak pricingwhich means you will be paying way more for electricity when you most need it.

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Information about The Kinderhook Group, Pittsfield, MA. Home Cities Countries. Home > United States Sand Lake Office Serving Rensselaer County & the Capital Region 1 Taborton Rd. Sand Lake, NY T: () Chatham Office Serving Columbia, Dutchess & Greene Counties.

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Ideas pour in at Albany marijuana hearing. Schumer blocks Senate action on Kavanaugh. Find the Kinderhook Group business page in West Sand Lake, NY. Explore the NY Credibility Review business directory at ultimedescente.comon: NY HighwayWest Sand Lake, Connect with The Kinderhook Group, Inc on See homes for sale, property photos, neighborhood details, and virtual tours.

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