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I would then recommend that entry into the Japanese market should be at first held off but then reconsidered based on the level of success found in the Chinese venture. I also think that MKC should differentiate themselves within the market by continuing to focus on their party plan strategy.

Most women trust the domestic skin care companies while make-up lines have the flexibility to be sold by many different foreign brands. In addition, they should include buying clubs, which have already proven successful by other companies in the market.

The desires of the Chinese women fit well with the type of employees MKC is looking for as well.

The lower start-up costs and overhead in China will allow MKC to break even in much less time than in Japan. China is one of the fastest emerging markets in the world and is also home to the highest cultural population, roughly 1. Since at first, I am only recommending going into the China market I will focus primarily on that region.

If MKC were to follow the major sales approach it would take too much away from the MKC mission of empowering women to become entrepreneurs.

Even though the average retail unit price is lower in China, the large market size will easily make up for the differences. These Japanese women seek low and flexible work hours, do not feel it is necessary to earn a large Mary kay cosmetics mid-term assignment essay and want to enjoy what they do.

They would just need to make sure the proper resources were available to explain and communicate the concept to both potential consultants and consumers.

As discussed, China also has a much quicker breakeven point in comparison to Japan. MKC realizes that their marketing and selling tactics must be modified in order to meet the transformation of their environment.

Price In comparison to Japan, a market entry into China has much lower start-up and overhead costs including all categories such as start-up investment, product development costs and promotion and advertising costs.

A final factor that could potentially hinder success in the Japanese market is the long breakeven period that is estimated at three to five years.

Avon was also more willing to adapt their marketing programs internationally and adjust their prices according to the level of consumer buying power in individual countries.

They should brand themselves as a skin care expert that also sells make-up. Instead of continuing with the same old corporate strategies, MKC must unlearn these strategies and incorporate new ideas such as implementing a buying club in China.

In addition, beyond their focus age group of year old women, MKC also has future advantages based on the large population of children under the age of 15 who will soon enough be in their target market.

They also placed a heavy emphasis on merchandising and had extremely well planned marketing campaigns. By working for MKC these women will learn all about the cosmetic industry, as it applies to MKC, and they will be able to try out new and exciting cosmetic products for a fun and flexible approach to the workforce.

To do that it is important to establish a strong marketing mix Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. For Avon, each country subsidiary was run by a country manager who had considerable decision-making authority as long as performance objectives were met.

My country selection criteria would consist of in no particular order: They follow a very involved skin care regimen and a very particular about where they get their supplies from.

These statistics appear to make China a very desirable market for MKC to enter however, vast population size does not necessarily equate to high product sales. Once a company achieves competitive advantages through an innovation, it can sustain it only through relentless improvement.

Avon also adapted on average forty percent of their products to the local markets that they were being sold in. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The case does not specifically mention any poor performers in small markets but does however mention poor performers in large markets.

First of all, there must be a demand for the products being introduced and secondly the individual Chinese residents must be able to afford their necessities in life while still having leftover income to use at their disposal. As mentioned above, there are a lot of individuals within their current target market range and many more that are close to that range.

The countries with poor performance in large markets that the case points out are Australia and the United Kingdom. Since the penetration of televisions 1 per 8 personsradios 1 per 9and telephones 1 per 86 were all very low in China, I would advise Dandurand to stay away from those forms of advertising.

I think that MKC should differentiate themselves within the market by continuing to focus on their party plan strategy. At first, in order to not radically change a lot, I think that Dandurand should stick with the U.MARKETING ASSIGNMENT REPORT WRITING ON LUSH COSMETICS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This report is on LUSH cosmetics – a sustainable brand in cosmetic industry.

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Mary Kay Cosmetics. uploaded by. papashu. Apex Clinic Project. Powell is one of many women in the Mary Kay Cosmetics sales force.

She rose through the ranks from Independent Beauty Consultant to Independent Elite Executive Senior Sales Director rather quickly because of her charisma, ability to build a sales team of energetic men and women, and sheer enthusiasm to succeed.

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Leadership Mid Term. Mary Kay. Mary Kay Cosmetics Mid-Term Assignment 1) In regards to Mary Kay Cosmetics Case Assignment: Mary Kay Inc. Taps into a Changing Demographic Founded in by Mary Kay Ash and her son, This essay discusses the concepts of small.

Free Essay: Mary Kay Cosmetics Mid-Term Assignment 1) In regards to Mary Kay Cosmetics (MKC) decision on whether to enter Japan, China, both, or neither I.

Mary kay cosmetics mid-term assignment essay
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