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A good books may be very useful for us while a bad book may do great harm to us. My favorite book belongs to the last king. There is a lot of information in it. A favorite dish is one which we wish to taste again and again.

It is a heavenly book. The Quran has ayahs or verses. Besides, it plays an important role in our lives. One can find a solution to every problem such as Social, economic, moral and religious. He was not the killer.

Ram loved the people and the people respected him.

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This holy book of the Hindus is full of wisdom. Sita as an ideal wife, was the follower of Rama in all his joys and sorrows. In the forest of Chitra Koot, he treated the Bhils as his own men.

It tells us about this life and the life hereafter.

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Thus, we may call it the best book for character- building in the world. They give us a peculiar joy and we forget all the cares and worries of life.

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It deals with the worldly affairs and also with affairs of the world hereafter. It guides us to live a good life here but also can have better life later. So it is very difficult to make a choice of good books or a collection of good books.

For more than 14 centuries, it has guided mankind and it will guide till the end of the world. Rama protected Rishis and killed demons.

It speaks of the best rules relating to laws of culture, civilization, morals, social justice, administration, leadership, mutual dealings, distribution of wealth, economics, spiritualish, Divien recogintion, purification of souls, enlightenment of hearts, unions with Allah, organization and welfare of humanity, purpose of this creation and so on.

I like the Holy Quran the most. Learning becomes a hobby and knowledge comes by way of amusement.

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These are provided totally free of cost and as an open educational source. Every morning love to recite the Holy Quran. It makes a very good reading. Hence, it has influenced me most. Hence it is a religious book which helps us to make us good an pious. It is more interesting than a novel.

Books are my never-falling friends. It teaches us the secrets of ideal life and duty. There are clear instructions about our life in the Holy Quran. Neither could nor heat should disturbed us.

He fought against injustice and inequality with the weapons of truth and non-violence. The book is full of ideals. The book that I have read many times and would always love to read as my favourite book is the Holy Quran.

In order to do our duties properly, Bhagawad Gita tells us, we should rise above the pains of opposites. Detailed descriptions of events and persons I have read or heard little about, unfold them to me. It is a complete moral code. It is ideas and thoughts that have moved the world. Besides, the people whom he was to kill were already killed by God.

They Open whole world of its readers.My Favorite book – Harry Potter. J.K.

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Rowling’s Harry Potter series remains one of the most read and celebrated pieces of literature. The Harry Potter books highlight the idea of wizarding, painting the picture of the world so incredible that the reader gets immersed in the. This is an non-official educational website for english essays, letters, stories and applications.

It also has entry test conceptual mcqs, solved guess papers and general knowledge material for. Looking for English essays for 5th class students and 8th Class Students in Easy Wording Read Online?

Here is the My Favourite Book English Essay for 5th and 8th Class. Short Paragraph / Article / Essay on the Topic ‘My Favourite Book’ in English Language There is no death of good books in the world.

Different books have been written with different viewpoints. Search Results. English Essay - Divorced, Beheaded, Survived English Essay - Divorced, Beheaded, Survived Every child has a vivid imagination and a specific moment in. The book that I have read many times and would always love to read as my favourite book is the Holy Quran.

I like the Holy Quran the most. It is a heavenly book. The Holy Quran was revealed to the Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH). It is in Arabic language. It is called the book of ALLAH.

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My favorite book essay in english
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