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After Official web site Korean War armistice of Julythe authorities of the two Koreas have officially met times between and June 4, What is Tax Reform 2. I want to highlight some of the progress we made last week and explain why it should matter to those of us back in Alabama. Sep 2, The House returns to session this week after the month-long August District Work Period, and there are many important legislative items that need our attention.

Sep 23, Since Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last year, the American economy is booming, and Alabama families have more money in their pockets. Setting Our Funding Priorities Sep 16, I know this may be hard for you to believe, but there was a major, bipartisan victory in Congress last week that failed to gain any of the attention it deserved.

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President Roh became the first president to cross the forbidden line that evidences the division of the Korean Peninsula. I have been looking forward to meeting you. Our Booming Economy Sep 9, When you turn on the TV or log onto your computer these days, you are bombarded with Official web site news stories about the latest s0-called scandal from Washington.

This page provides an overview of how the two Koreas worked together to cooperate with each other amid conflict and antagonism. President Kim Dae-jung disembarked from the presidential plane to meet Chairman Kim Jong Il who was waiting at the end of the stairs.

The Value of Town Hall Meetings Aug 26, No one can deny that the political climate in our country today is pretty divisive. This moment marked the first meeting of the leaders of two Koreas since the division of the Korean Peninsula.

Protests and outbursts are becoming more and more common. South and North Korea have extended constant efforts to overcome the tragedy and heal old wounds through talks and exchange efforts. Read more Inter-Korean Relationship at a Glance For the past three decades or so, South and North Korea have exerted various efforts for exchange and cooperation to heal the old wounds left by the division and to seek ways for peaceful coexistence.

By lowering taxes and simplifying the tax code, we have unlocked our economic potential and made life better for hardworking Americans. This quick review will help you imagine a future where the South and the North stand united as one. Read moreClimbing Over the Wall Pacific Time (DST) a.m.

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