Porters information technology industry analysis essay

The bargaining power of buyer is high as there are lot of choice available to the buyer and the service do not vary from one manufacturer to the other. A high rate of market growth implies that firms can grow by simply being part of an expanding market and without taking away from their competitors which therefore translates into low rivalry.

According to Datamonitorthe main buyers of computers are business buyers and these face high switching costs especially because they normally enter into supply contracts. These changes can cause massive delays and glitches, which result in increased costs and slower revenue growth.

Are there other suppliers with the same inputs available? Maruti Udyog has set up the second car plant with a manufacturing capacity of 2.

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The parts market is even more lucrative. Bargaining Power of Buyers -The bargaining power of automakers are unchallenged. According to Porter, low fixed costs also translate to low industry rivalry.

China Information Technology, Inc. Porter Five Forces Analysis

The auto industry is just a multiplier, a driver for employment, for investment, for technology. The massive demand of used cars indicates that cars are becoming increasingly popular. Bargaining power of suppliers This relates to what your suppliers can do in relationship with you. Product movements and manned services have boosted in the sales of medium and sized commercial vehicles for passenger and goods transport.

Replacement Parts Production and Distribution - These are the parts that are replaced after the purchase of a vehicle.

If the change in the any part is brought about the long list of depended parts also have to be changedwhich in most cases is not feasible to do.

Exit Barriers - Even if the product fails in the market its not that easy for the company to exit the market just like that because of the heavy investment it has made in the initial stage. NANO is the only player so it has the price freedom but as the Maruti and Honda are also planning to launch the car in the same segment the price competition will start.

India is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world. Automobile industry has a strong multiplier effect and is capable of being the driver of economic growth. It is commonly believed that soon India will catch up with China. Powerful suppliers in Technology sector use their negotiating power to extract higher prices from the firms in Application Software field.

By building economies of scale so that it can lower the fixed cost per unit. Automobile Industry The auto manufacturing industry is considered to be highlycapital and labor intensive. Factors that may restrict entry include the existence of government-imposed barriers, patents and proprietary knowledge, asset specificity and a high threshold of scale economies Keegan and Green,p.

Used car Market The new chapter in the automobile industry is that of used cars. According to the study, the car industry would see a massive capacity building in low-cost locations like India as manufacturers shift base from developed regions.

The bargaining power of automakers are unchallenged. In the Indian economy, auto industry maintains a high-flying place. However, contract manufacturing firms ODMs and EMSs to whom the electronic component manufacturers outsource production possess high bargaining power and have high switching costs Datamonitor, The country is expected to witness over Rs 30, crore of investment by German car major Audi will start assembling its sports utility vehicle Audi Q5 from mid For parts suppliers, the life span of an automobile is very important.

Labor - While machines and robots are playing a greater role in manufacturing vehicles, there are still substantial labor costs in designing and engineering automobiles. Commercial vehicle segment, Ashok Leyland and Tata Motors have each announced well over Rs 1, crore of investment.

Many suppliers rely on one or two automakers to buy a majority of their products.Porter Five Forces Analysis is a strategic management tool to analyze industry and understand underlying levers of profitability in a given industry.

China Information Technology, Inc.

Porter'S Five Forces A Model For Industry Analysis

managers can use Porter Five Forces to understand how the five competitive forces influence profitability and develop a strategy for enhancing China Information.

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The Impact of Information Technology on Porter Model of Competition Introduction Michael Porter’s competitive forces model is a well. Nov 20,  · Michael Porters Five Forces Analysis of Competitive Structure is a paradigm for competitive position, which states that overall a company's profitability may be determined as a measure of the industry it is competing in and its strategic position within that industry (Strategy4u, ).

Porter five forces analysis is a framework for industry analysis and business strategy development formed by Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School in It draws uponindustrial organizationeconomics to derive five forces that determine the competitive intensity and therefore attractiveness of a market.

Porters Information Technology Industry Analysis Essay Sample 1. Introduction. Apple Inc is one of the leading computer firms in the world.

Porters information technology industry analysis essay
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