Sailor kissing nurse marks the end

It was then that George saw a woman in a white dress walk by and took her into his arms and kissed her, "I had quite a few drinks that day and I considered her one of the troops—she was a nurse. People tell me that when I am in heaven they will remember this picture.

Mendonsa and Friedman look incredibly happy in their picture and symbolized the feelings of millions of Americans on that fateful day. He notified the magazine that he had received her letter claiming to be the subject. One of them cuts in on the sailor for a kiss with the nurse.

Such is the incredible story behind one of the most romantic and enduring photos of the 20th century — and one of our most compelling mysteries. His claim was based on matching his scars and tattoos to scars and tattoos in the photograph.

They were going to Radio City Music Hall, to a 1: There is no way to tell. I looked up and saw he was taking the picture and I kissed her as long as took for him to take it. Rita Petry, the future wife of that sailor, George Mendonsa. Americans were now able to reunite with their families as soldiers came home and the nation was essentially back to its normal functioning state.

She was a year-old dental assistant from Queens, who, having heard rumors about the end of the war, walked over to Times Square from her office on Lexington Avenue.

Excited that his brother, who was being held by the Japanese as a prisoner of war, would be released, McDuffie began hollering and jumping up and down. Rita Mendonsa says she has never been angry that George kissed another woman on their first date - pointing out that she can been seen grinning behind the kissing couple.

George and Rita never discussed the kiss, nor did Greta tell anyone what had happened to her.

Times Square: Sailor and nurse kissing in iconic WWII photograph are reunited

She lets him take the limelight. Thus, the end of the war became an extremely memorable event in American history which is why the sailor kissing the nurse is recognized nation-wide.

Benson concluded that the sailor was, indeed, George, as did the Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab in they donated their services as a contribution to history and forensic anthropologist Norman Sauer, who was contracted by the authors in People across the nation recognize the photo as the end of WWII.

It was done within a few seconds. Art critic Michael Kimmelman summarized the composition in as reflective of that mood: Their photographed picture ended the war and stared a new post-was era for America.

When a country is it war, many sacrifices and tough times are involved.

Sailor Kissing Nurse Marks the End of World War Ii

A nurse saw him, and opened her arms to him. He claimed that he was in Times Square on August 14,and that he kissed numerous women. The people pictured in the photograph did not previously know one another. I went over there and kissed her and saw a man running at us I noticed a sailor coming my way.

Because the war lasted for nearly seven years, the ending was an absolute celebration. Mendonsa was a war sailor who had recently been on leave from the war.

Across the country people were kissing and hugging their loved ones in celebration, the sailor and the nurse just happened to be photographed.

But I wanted to be able to tell other people so I replicated the pose. Unlike the Eisenstaedt photograph, which is protected by copyrightthis Navy photograph is in the public domain as it was produced by a federal government employee on official duty.

Friedman was discovered to be the iconic nurse shortly after the photograph was published. Upset that he had effectively been edited out of history, George sued Time-Life, and though he was outspent legally, Yale University professor of photography Richard Benson agreed to examine the photo, along with three others Life made available.Poster Title: Nurse Kissing Sailor Wars End Kiss Photography Poster Professionally Framed Victor Jorgensen War's End Kiss VJ Day Art Print Poster - 24x36 with RichAndFramous Black Wood Frame by Poster Revolution.

The "Kissing" sailor in the title of this intriguing book is the unknown swabbie who grabbed a pretty nurse (actually a dental assistant) and kissed her passionately in Times Square on the day World War II ended. V-J Day in Times Square (also V-Day and The Kiss) authors of The Kissing Sailor, a book about the identity of the couple, the Times Square V-J celebration is shown with a costumed heroine, Silhouette, kissing a female nurse as a photographer captures the moment.

[citation needed]. Sailor Kissing Nurse Marks the End of World War II World War II was a very iconic and memorable time in American history.

Because the war lasted for nearly seven years, the ending was an absolute celebration. It is an image that captured an epic moment in U.S. history - a sailor locked in a passionate kiss with a nurse in New York City's Times Square at the end of World War II. And, after decades of. Blakely Durham Professor Perkins ENGL 8 May Sailor Kissing Nurse Marks the End of World War II World War II was a very .

Sailor kissing nurse marks the end
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