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Mass murderers and serial killers are the most dangerous and brutal killers around. This approach talks about the childhood behavior of bed-wetting, arson and torturing of animals. What are the similarities and differences between the definitions for serial and mass murder?

He picked up most of his victims at a local homosexual bar. A typical mass murderer uses a semi-automatic weapon and plots his murders to be made in a school, university, or restaurant murder 1. The last and possibly one of the most unique characteristics of a serial killer is their choice to stab or strangle their victims.

The most common type of serial killer is the Lust Killer, who kills to sexually stimulate themselves. This Book explains how genetics can and cannot be related to violent crimes.

For the most part the childhood of serial killers paints a little picture of the causes of serial killers. The Encyclopedia of Modern Murder 1st ed. A child uses sexual fantasies as a form of escape from an abusive situation. How do they choose their victims and what are some of their characteristics?

He believed that aggressive energy build-up must be periodically released before it reached dangerous levels. The editors of Time Magazine quoted; Love is a risky business, there are no guarantees that it won"t turn sour or die, nor is their any insurance to protect against cooling passion, broken vows, deceit, or desertion.

However, murders of passion, along with any other murder, can also be linked to their biology. Sadistic daydreaming as children is the leading cause of serial killers.

This means that environmental and biological factors can both influence people to kill. Essay UK - http: Most of these theories have something to do with child abuse, but they are different development and psychological approaches to serial murder.

With all the studies and research that has been done on serial killers there should be some warning signs before it gets to the point of killing. This is due to the fact that an automobile enables the killers to move quickly and unnoticed from one place to another before the murder is discovered.

Most serial killers display at least one of the "Homicide Triads," adolescent bed-wetting, arson or sadistic activity.

The bottom line of this paper is that serial killers develop as children because of the abuse they receive. One of the important and most common parts of the "homicide triad" is arson.

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However, at the same time we have a hunger for knowledge of these crimes as we search for and interesting theory.

They research the many factors such as genetics, society, childhood, and even the need for security and love in hope of discovering why people become killers. If intelligence can be associated as a personality variable, then average to high intelligence is likely to assist a serial killer in avoiding police detection and capture.

Mass Murderers and Serial Killers Go through the two case studies outlined below: As children, they often wet the bed, were infatuated with masturbation, were cruel to animals, and liked playing with fire.

Douglas, a psychological profiler, believes that the future serial killers are arsonists because of a "fascination due to their fondness of spectacular destruction" Schechter and Everitt, The pain afflicted upon serial killers as children sexually, emotionally, and physically, causes them to take vengeance out on others for their troubled childhood.The Mass murderers is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents.

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Mass Murderers and Serial Killers. Go through the two case studies outlined below: Case 1: Mass Murder. Andrea Yates was convicted of drowning her five children and given a sentence of life in prison. Essay Thomas Blankenship 6 April Mrs. Waggener English II Mass Murderers and Serial Killers Mass Murderers and Serial Killers are nothing new to today"s society.

These vicious killers are all violent, brutal monsters and have an abnormal urge to kill. - Serial Killers and Mass Murderers Mass Murderers and Serial Killers are nothing new to today’s society.

These vicious killers are all violent, brutal monsters and have an abnormal urge to kill. What gives people these urges to kill. Serial Killers Essay. Women Serial Killers or Partners to One Some of the reasons that people believe that killers are made and not born are due to research by many psychiatrists on serial killers and mass murderers who are on death roe that have committed some of the most heinous crimes.

Serial killers are just not murderers but also. This might explain why such levels of intelligence are found in serial murderers and it takes so long for law enforcement to finally track these killers down (Mukherjee,7). The role of personality in the study of serial killers is an area of continuous debate.

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