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She is apparently killed while being held hostage Spencer reid thesis Ian Doyle in the episode "Lauren" season 6but in the last scene of the episode, it is revealed that she survived her encounter with Ian and is seen with SSA Jennifer Jareau in Paris passing her passports and bank accounts for protection.

In the next episode "Epilogue"Carolyn dies after taking a drug overdose. He also has a son named Jack Cade Owens and a brother named Sean.

In the th episode, JJ is kidnapped because of a secret mission she performed while at the Pentagon. Weber countered and took a leisure sip of her wine, but spoke just before Dr. During his studies at the School of Public Policy, Chad wrote a Spencer reid thesis that was focused on anthrax attacks, like the Amerithrax attacks of Which leads us back to my thesis.

Chad refuses to listen to Hotch and Morgan, but just before he can drop a bag full of anthrax-filled light bulbs, thus shattering them and releasing the anthrax upon everyone in the station, Whitworth stops the two agents, wanting to take Chad into military custody so he can help find a cure for the anthrax strain.

Her job was to stare them down and interview them, to determine if they were fit to stand trial. Yes, there was no doubt he fell within the autism spectrum, but hang those who were too uncomfortable to accept it or too impatient to form a complete opinion.

May 8, Washington, D. It has been revealed that he has an IQ ofcan read a dizzying 20, words per minute, and has an eidetic memory. Some serial killers try to help others and it ends up going the wrong way.

The local police deem it self-defense, but Jason and Aaron question her ability as a profiler after this. Outside it was pretty chilly, but Kaye preferred it over the stuffy hall with all the pompous people. He had an unsteady job at a bookstore called The Book Front, has an estranged sister, had been arrested twice at protest rallies, and had a girlfriend to whom he proposed but was rejected.

In the season 13 premiere, it is revealed he had died in the car crash Mr. Will and Jennifer met while she was working a case in his hometown. Her dream was to study psychopaths up close and personal—and her psychology background, combined with her experience in the FBI, brought her face to face with monsters.

It took me a long time. He recently defended his doctorate in fifteenth century literature" Leonie replied. I thought that was just me.

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Reid seemed startled and looked up. Still just as bad with people? Like her son, she has a high IQ. She makes a personal connection with Spencer Reid after he reveals to her that he has begun a romantic relationship with a woman whom he has never met.

He is habitually introduced as "Dr. That was the deal, right?

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If she worked at the university she should care about education, at least enough to want her son to graduate. They are the members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit BAUand their job is to profile uncatchable crooks for the most unthinkable crimes. She also displayed severe narcissistic and psychopathic traits, as well as suicidal ideation.

The profile they made of the unsub eventually leads them to Dr. He was the only person to know of her pregnancy and miscarriage during her time on the task force.Morgan has finally convinced Spencer to meet his team.

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Instead of turning into the awkward, boring affair he thought it would be, Spencer is pleasantly surprised by how much he enjoys himself - mostly because of his instant attraction to Hotch.

Character Analysis: Dr. Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds. This thesis will explain that criminal profiling will help narrow the list of suspects from rape and homicide by formulating the type of person whom the investigators should be looking for.

Morgan, who was with Reid, was clearly getting more and more offended and agitated. By the time he reached his team members, Reid had just fled and Morgan seemed ready to tear into Dr. Hebert. He was saved by the sudden reappearance of Dr. Weber. Doctor Spencer Reid had never given any serious thought to attending his high-school reunions.

By year 5, he'd been engrossed in his first doctoral thesis. Year 10 was the year after he'd started with the BAU, and that was too. Criminal Minds Review: Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing and that she was a former student whose thesis had been rejected by Dr.

Maeve Donovan - Reid's love interest. including Spencer Reid. Criminal Minds is an American police procedural crime drama television series created and produced by Jeff Davis. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), Jennifer Jareau, and Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) as the original lineup.

Spencer reid thesis
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