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After arriving at the prison and negotiating with its governor, marchers burst into an outer courtyard and a pitch battle erupted. And it became a model of revolutionary political change that was followed throughout the world from Europe, to HaitiLatin AmericaRussiaand East Asia.

It overturned the longstanding French system of monarchical government and introduced the ideas of liberty, equality, fraternity, and human and civil rights to modern political practice.

As word of this spread, the commanders of the royal forces encamped on the Champ de Mars became doubtful of the dependability of even the foreign regiments. The commandant at the Invalides had in the previous few days taken the precaution of transferring barrels of gunpowder to the Bastille for safer storage.

Bastille Day was a song written in by the progressive rock band Rush about the siege, and was included on their album Caress of Steel.

Pillaged, scattered and burned during and after the fall of the fortress, large parts of the archive were recovered by Beaumarchais and by the Russian diplomat and bibliophile Pierre Dubrowsky. Realizing the importance of the Bastille archives, the The storming of bastille essay de Paris appealed to the citizens to return any documents they might have in their possession in order to help document the future trial of royal despotism.

On the morning of 13 July the electors of Paris met and agreed to the recruitment of a "bourgeois militia" of 48, men [16] from the sixty voting districts of Paris, to restore order.

Inthe monarchy was abolished and Louis and his wife Marie-Antoinette were sent to the guillotine for treason in He accordingly opened the gates to the inner courtyard, and the vainqueurs swept in to liberate the fortress at 5: Soldiers of the garrison called to the people to withdraw but in the noise and confusion these shouts were misinterpreted as encouragement to enter.

The negotiations dragged on while the crowd grew and became impatient.

French revolutionaries storm Bastille

The crowd seems to have felt that they had been intentionally drawn into a trap and the fighting became more violent and intense, while attempts by deputies to organise a cease-fire were ignored by the attackers.

On July 14,the people of Paris seized not only a prison, but also control over their own historical memory, too. The commoners had formed the National Guardsporting tricolour cockades cocardes of blue, white and red, formed by combining the red and blue cockade of Paris and the white cockade of the king.

The cost was steep: It also helped to usher in modern nationalism and nation-states. The king first learned of the storming only the next morning through the Duke of La Rochefoucauld.

Camille Desmoulins successfully rallied the crowd by "mounting a table, pistol in hand, exclaiming: The 24 year tradition was ended in A analysis of the Bastille dimensions showed that it did not tower over the neighborhood as was depicted in the paintings but was more of a comparable height to other buildings in the neighborhood.

Storming the Bastille

And, as we celebrate the th anniversary, the taking of the Bastille reminds us that on the long, bumpy road toward representative democracy—that is, on the road toward the rule with the consent and for the benefit of the people—it is sometimes easier to strike down the visible signs of authoritarian power than to deal with the complicated, often shadowy sources of that power.

July An annual reenactment of the Storming of the Bastille was held at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphiahosted by the Bearded Ladies a cabaret troupe. From this moment we may consider France as a free country, the King a very limited monarch, and the nobility as reduced to a level with the rest of the nation.

Les Amants de la Bastillestage musical whose main characters are split up during the early stages, then reunited during the storming of the Bastille. The officers of the French Guards made ineffectual attempts to rally their men.

Inthe French chose to make the Storming of the Bastille their national holiday. The palace of the Bastille, that old symbol of despotism, is taken by the statue of the benevolent king Louis XVI in this engraving.The Storming of the Bastille (French: Prise de la Bastille [pʁiz də la bastij]) occurred in Paris, France, on the afternoon of 14 July The medieval fortress, armory, and political prison in Paris known as the Bastille represented royal authority in.

A few years after the storming of the Bastille, during the reign of terror, King Louis XVI lost was beheaded. Lead Story French revolutionaries storm. Essay about The Storming of the Bastille The Storming of the Bastille The Storming of the bastille was the famous day on July 14, where a huge Mob of hungry enraged blood thirsty peasants came marching to the bastille for Weapons and Prisoners that were imprisoned by king Louis XVI.

Check out our top Free Essays on Storming Of The Bastille to help you write your own Essay. - The storming of Bastille Overview of the French revolution The French revolution occurred from – but some argue that it went up till King Louis XVI was crowned after the 7 years’ war which plunged France into economical debt and led to rise of corruption.

- French Revolution Essay: What were the reasons and results of. Free Essay: The storming of Bastille Overview of the French revolution The French revolution occurred from – but some argue that it went up till.

The storming of bastille essay
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