Transortation key to new orleans tragedy essay

It took until April 21, for the transfer of power to become public when King Louis XV sent the letter to the Governor of Louisiana. The chortling stopped when the first reports of Rita casualties came in: The real cause is automobility -- or more precisely to the lack of it.

I know lots of poor people and have owned old, unreliable cars myself, yet if the car works it will get people across the bridge to safety. Also, military embankments were planned for the front riverside of the city, but they tended to be more impressive in drawings than in reality.

While more than 27 percent of the households in New Orleans had no cars, only 17 percent of households in Galveston, for example, are autoless, and autoless rates were much lower in most other areas.

People with access to autos can leave an area before it is flooded or hit with hurricanes, tornados, or other storms. A sound transportation policy should increase auto ownership among low-income people so that almost everyone can share this freedom and independence.

There are several factors, but the most important is mobility. Rail transit is not effective, particularly for low-income people, which is why I am skeptical of it.

Autos may be useful in a hurricane but they are useful for much more as well. I am not going to get into the debate over whether the federal, state, or local government was at fault, though I did find http: But my main response is simple: Bienville remained as governor until and was responsible for the Ursuline nuns to come to the colony, who built the first convent in the city in My suggestion is that helping poor people get cars and I did not suggest that we give them cars -- I only used that to show how ridiculously expensive the New Orleans streetcars are will help them get out of poverty.

Streets were named after important French men of the time, such as Rue St. Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory. Inafter the addition of men to the town, and with construction out growing any other Louisiana, New Orleans became the new capital, as Biloxi had burnt down.

People who have automobiles have a freedom and independence that is not shared by people who depend on transit. Law chose Bienville to act on his plan and he was named Governor for a second term. Iberville settled Biloxi and Ocean Springs before he would take a return trip to France, but returned to the Americas just to die of yellow fever in My colleague Michael Cunneen points out a further irony about New Orleans: Again, use mass transit as a last resort, but transit will work better if it is needed by as few people as possible.

Automobiles Also Key to Rita Evacuation 26 September 26 The Associated Press reports that close to three million people escaped from the Gulf Coast area, the vast majority of them by automobile, in an "epic evacuation" prior to Hurricane Rita.

The regent took to John Law, a Scotsman, as an advisor. Studies have found that unskilled workers who have a car are much more likely to have a job and will earn far more than workers who must depend on transit.

But in the end, it was auto ownership, not race, that made the difference between safety and disaster. The site for the town was unfavorable for building conditions. This compares to less than 10 percent nationwide.

Number of Deaths Caused by Hurricanes in the U. InNew Orleans opened the 3. It took until March of before the party found the mouth of the Mississippi and began to travel up the river. New Orleans is in many ways a model for smart growth: This proved to be its downfall. Only CharlestonPhiladelphiaAnnapolisand Williamsburg predated it.

We do not live in a world where everyone can drive and for that reason I support effective public transit systems. Infifty men with the engineers began to plot out the land. As I said in my paper, using mass transit to move 7 percent is a lot easier than using it to move 27 percent.

New Orleans

But anti-highway groups successfully stopped this road and New Orleans expanded its streetcar system instead. Those who stayed, regardless of color, were those who lacked autos. The city had an opportunity to use federal funds to build an elevated freeway across town.

The city was not deterred by table 7. Numerous commentators have legitimately criticized the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other government agencies for failing to foresee the need for evacuation, failing to secure enough buses or other means of evacuation, and failing to get those buses to people who needed evacuation.

The plan called for a grid design in the form of eleven by six blocks all identical in size, however only four of the six were originally laid out.The city of New Orleans is one of the most culturally diverse urban centers in North America.

It was founded in southeastern Louisiana on the banks of the Mississippi River. Mar 21,  · ABOARD THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS — On the long trip south from Chicago that began Thursday night and rumbled into a new morning and afternoon, passengers watched highways give way to dirt roads.

New Orleans. The plan for New Orleans may have been issued inbut it took three nations, many wars, and 85 years for the trading colony near the mouth of the Mississippi river to develop from an unfavorable plot of land into one of the main cultural melting pots in the new world/5(1).

Alexandria to New Orleans: The Human Tragedy of the Interstate Slave Trade Sweig Four-Part Series Published October, in the Alexandria Gazette Packet. Donald Sweig, who retired in after more than 27 years Alexandria to New Orleans: The Human.

Apparently, the tragedy of New Orleans is caused neither by governmental incompetence not by racial profiling. Actually, it is caused by transportation problem meaning that the. A Personal Narrative on Visiting New Orleans PAGES 1.

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Transortation key to new orleans tragedy essay
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