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But this time we want that the users of the old URL get hinted to the new one, i. A "class-rule" is configured by adding it into urlrewrite. RewriteRule For an example of an extended rule see: Usually there are canonical URLs which should be actually used and distributed and those which are just shortcuts, internal ones, etc.

There are a lot of types in conjunction with operators we can do time-dependent redirects: To do this correctly we have to use an external redirect, so the browser correctly requests subsequent images etc.

If the values match then it redirects to a replacement URL which also incorporates the parameter. It is probably best to disable this feature on production servers. Independent of which URL the user supplied with the request he should finally see the canonical one only.

You can set this value to -1 to disable automatic checking, while our value of 0 will mean that URLRewrite will check the urlrewrite.

Tuckey URLRewrite How-To

Installation URLRewrite can be found from one of 2 sources. For instance, a request for image. They wanted to redirect just all homedirs on a webserver to another webserver. We rewrite the old URL to the new one internally via the following rule: Using UrlRewriteFilter any rule when matched can be set to run method s on a class.

If all goes well you should be able to point your browser to http: If we only did a internal rewrite, this would only work for the directory page, but would go wrong when any images are included into this page with relative URLs, because the browser would request an in-lined object.

All other browsers receive page foo. The solution to this subtle problem is to let the server add the trailing slash automatically. This would block users from this host, too. When this works then congratulations as you now have URLRewrite enabled on your server.

The rule passes all URL requests to the index. Add the following code to web.

The rule below is a generic setup that could be adapted for many uses.I'm using ultimedescente.com rewrite urlrewrite filter and I would like to create rule for url with hypen. like from /author/person-name to /topics/Author/Person Name In above rule, hyphen must be replace.

mod_rewrite vs urlrewrite filter Examples of mod_rewrite style conf vs urlrewrite filter conf are below, there are all examples copied directly from Apache 's official rewrite guide.

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Canonical URLs On some webservers there are more than one URL for a resource. Today I will walk through how to put into practice use the Tuckey URL Rewrite java web filter under an Apache Tomcat web server.

URL rewriting is the method of converting complex URL parameters into more human readable format to allow more simple and memorable URLs. Feb 24,  · Hi, I was wondering if you could rewrite/rephrase a sentence for me: "Behind every action a human takes, there is the human mind at work." Thanks.

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How to use Tuckey UrlRewriteFilter

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Tuckey re write a sentence
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