Wgu szt 1 task 4 disaster in franklin county essay

The health department is currently charged with the organization of the medical corps for Flagler County, this responsibility rest with one person in the department. They inspected shelters for sanitary conditions, food safety, and safety of the sleeping environments related to favorite accommodations.

Identify the measurable tools necessary to perform the evaluation. Based on the geographical layout of Flagler County there are several areas that could be isolated from receiving help.

Contracts have been made by city and county agencies with companies out of the area to assist with the post disaster cleanup and restoration on infrastructures. You should take notes on the roles of a disaster team, the chain of command, the communication protocol, and the available resources.

There is very limited public transportation within the county. Select primary and secondary prevention activities only. There is a lot that needs to be done in the community as far as preventative measures that need to be taken to stop the spread of the STDs.

Since Hillsborough county is located off the Gulf of Mexico hurricanes are a real threat to the population and because of this Hillsborough County has evacuation routes, sand bag stations and has linked the weather system up with NASA to help better track the storms headed toward the west coast of Florida.

For example, explain how you and other nurses might work with the community and your chosen target population of interest to improve the health concern. The Environmental Health Specialists overly were responsible for berth visits to assess hazardous waste clean-up in homes and in the community.

Flagler County is very diverse in the age and architecture of the buildings. Discuss how other nursing personnel could be prepared to help in responding to a similar emergency with a much larger affected area e. The candidate provides an appropriate description, with sufficient detail, of how the fieldwork interviews support the chosen health concern, including a summary of the interviews.

Forming partnerships and promoting activities could make these resources a strong and valuable force in the face of a disaster.

The candidate provides a completed time log, with insufficient detail, documenting at least 90 hours of clinical experience in community health. Hillsborough county is one of 67 counties in the state of Florida with a population destiny of 1, Objectives The objective is to gain participation of schools, businesses, clubs, organizations in training and education of volunteering in a disaster.

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Mock drills conducted annually with participation countywide would be helpful in identifying any gaps in the plan and allow for continuous improvement. The candidate provides a logical explanation, with no detail, of how the effectiveness of the nursing action plan created in part D would be evaluated.

The more interviews and observations I completed revealed just how uninvolved and disconnected many of the citizens of the communities are in Flagler County. Open the confirmation e-mail sent to your e-mail to activate the account.

The candidate provides a logical explanation, with adequate detail, of the desired outcome s or goal s for improvement related to the health concern. To keep the educational message in the forefront first aide and preparation trainings can be offered throughout the community with the help of the local media.

The many community organizations and agencies that I observed and met with have the basic framework and the written plan however it was clear that the citizens were not clear or aware of most of the plan.

On the north side of the town older one story bungalows are most popular. Role of major ip customary wellness Personnel In the simulation, Disaster in Franklin County, multiple public health personnel were involved in the disaster response.

After completing the simulation, write an essay suggested length of 3—4 pages in which you do the following: The Community Health Nurses helped team members compile a hatful to The primary source of income is from private nonfarm firms.

The candidate provides adequate articulation of response. Flagler has a few citizens that have attempted to implement these resources in the communities; the participation is poor at best. These include the County universe health music director, Environmental wellness Specialists, and lodge wellness Nurses.

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Discuss the health concern you studied in your fieldwork. When bulleted points are present in the task prompt, the level of detail or support called for in the rubric refers to those bulleted points. Ages of the participants ranged from sixteen to seventy nine.

There are five incorporated municipalities in the county: Describe the target population affected by the health concern you studied in your fieldwork, including each of the following components:Jul 08,  · Free Essays on Role Of Nurses In Disasters.

Search. Hat1 Task 4. Disaster in Franklin County When disaster strikes, PROFESSIONAL ROLES AND VALUES PROJECT Professional Roles and Values Project Peggy Hagan Western Governors University 1 PROFESSIONAL ROLES AND VALUES PROJECT Table of.

WGU SZT 1 Task 4 - Disaster in Franklin County words | 6 pages The most important aspect in managing a disaster situation is preparedness. WGU SZT 1 Task 4 - Disaster in Franklin County Essay Words | 6 Pages.

Department, attends important briefings, and delegates tasks. B. Chain of Command Establishment of a chain of command in a situation such as a severe storm or other disaster is essential. Jun 11,  · Wgu Hat Task 4 Disasters are natural or man-made events that have a significant impact on the wellness of the affected connection.

coordination among bigeminal helping sectors. Role of major(ip) customary wellness Personnel In the simulation, Disaster in Franklin County, multiple public health personnel were. Disaster in Franklin County When disaster strikes, such as the tornado in Franklin County, then there must be a disaster action plan in place.

There are several people involved in managing this disaster, but the outcome can be greatly improved if they all work together. May 04,  · The County Public wellness Director was contacted by the Incident air force officer to attend the for the first metre post disaster response meeting at the devotion house.

After that meeting the Public wellness Director was equal to establish communication with the deputy sheriff Director to launch the de opusmental incident .

Wgu szt 1 task 4 disaster in franklin county essay
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