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The research found that the most common item stolen was cash. They remain one of the relatively few female fronted acts to perform on the Main Stage across the weekend.

Employee Theft: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Report It

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The band released their debut studio album in Undeterred by the incident, the band played to an energetic afternoon crowd at Reading and Leeds. The study revealed that most of thefts do not happen in a one-time incident, but represent an employee who steals over time.

The boss of Reading and Leeds, Melvin Benn, has launched a project called ReBalance which aims to get more female artists into the industry, by offering studio world business report tv theft. Kennedy said in most cases the theft is discovered by sheer luck.

Overall, 40 percent of thefts in small businesses are of money. Attorney advises against it: These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Getty Images You could forgive The Regrettes for never wanting to tour in the UK again - after all their possessions were stolen outside a venue.

Or, small business owners assume the police are busy with more traditional, street-level law enforcement duties. The average duration of a theft scheme was 16 months before the employee was caught. Back in May, thieves in Birmingham took their van containing all their music gear and luggage.

He said most people believe that employees who steal are doing so because they are poor, in desperate need of money for, say, medical treatment or other dire circumstances. Continue Reading Below While 64 percent of small businesses have experienced employee theft, only 16 percent of those reported the incident to police, the study found.

It was their introduction to a British high street staple. Kennedy said that, somewhat surprisingly, only about 2 percent of cashiers — those handling cold, hard cash at a cash register — were likely to steal.

Russian accused of massive data theft extradited to US

We were actually talking about going back again. According to the research, 61 percent of reported thefts were ongoing schemes and ranged in duration from a low of about two weeks to a high of 20 years. Kennedy found four main reasons why employers are hesitant to get the authorities involved.

With no clothes, the band stocked up… at Primark. The study was based on surveys of small business owners in Cincinnati. Having recently contributed to one of the recent Hamildrops a monthly release of music connected to the musical Hamiltonthe band also revealed their shameless love of musicals.

Many of those employees caught in theft have worked alongside business owners for many years, and may even be family. Kennedy also conducted 30 in-person interviews with some of those surveyed. The business owner does not see the victimization as serious enough to warrant his or her time and trouble beyond firing the employee.

Advertisement Kennedy hypothesized that the higher the dollar amount in a theft, the more trusted the employee conducting the theft.You could forgive The Regrettes for never wanting to tour in the UK again - after all their possessions were stolen outside a venue. Back in May, thieves in Birmingham took their van containing.

Business BA promises to 'fully reimburse' victims of data theft. British Airways has released details of a recent theft of customer data from its website and mobile app. The news agency ANSA says Italian police have arrested five suspects accused in the theft last year of paintings by the masters Rubens and Renoir valued at 26 million euros ($30 million.).

Report: 5 arrested in Italian theft of art by Rubens, Renoir

Most Read Business Stories. California: Drugmaker paid doctors to overprescribe Humira; Amazon considering opening 3, cashierless Go stores, report says. The latest business and finance news from around the world from the BBC. Updated: daily. Episodes British Airways Probes Customer Data Theft.

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The Regrettes don’t regret finding Primark after major theft

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World business report tv theft
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